3 Ways To Increase Business With Brochures

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3 Ways To Increase Business With Brochures

3 Ways To Increase Business With Brochures

20 May 2015
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Brochure — it's French for "something stitched." However, in the business world, it should mean a whole lot more. Some people assume they can find some images, paste them into a word processing document, type in a few words, and hit print.

While there's no law against that, it's bad news not only for trees but for your business.

So, how do you make a brochure something worth rereading rather than recycling? Follow the next three pieces of advice.

Grab Attention with the Cover

You might not want to judge a book by its cover, but you definitely want to judge a brochure by its cover. Unless your company is already well established, or even if it is, simply pasting your company's name on the front of the brochure isn't enough.

Brochure covers should be similar to front lawns — they should present enough to look well-maintained and welcoming, but not lazy or overdone enough to make people think you don't work at all or that you don't try.

Sort through brochures and find covers you like, then try to incorporate those ideas into your own.

Call Your Customers to Action

It might seem simple enough to just tell people what it is your company offers and then expect them to contact you. That might work if the person viewing your brochure is already interested in your business.

Consider a good call to action (CTA). Simple CTAs might include something along the lines of "Call us today" or "Contact us for more information." Those are great for websites where links are easily clicked, but they don't always work on brochures.

Instead, try something creative. If you run a paint store, consider including a QR code that, when accessed with a smartphone, leads potential customers to a website displaying how the paint would look in a room. You could even include a removable foldout page that lets people place the paint samples against their walls.

Provide Good Content

Did you ever attend a class in high school, or a workshop, or a meeting where the teacher/presenter listed off all the reasons why something was amazing, only to find yourself bored? That same thing can happen with brochures.

You probably love your business and almost everything with it. Financial company employees and investors may love talking about all the factors that cause market fluctuation. But your customer just wants to know that they'll have enough money to live comfortably when they retire.

When writing the content for your brochure, consider ways to make the content more lively and engaging. People read brochures to learn, and filling them in on the why of things will let them wonder what other ways you can help them.

For more help with designing a brochure, contact brochure printing companies in your area.

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