Breaking The Business Card Boredom

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Breaking The Business Card Boredom

Breaking The Business Card Boredom

26 June 2015
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Competing for business in today's economy can be tough. Consumers are more selective when it comes to spending their money, and making a positive impression can be crucial in helping consumers choose your business over a competitor.

Business cards are often used to provide contact information and marketing messages, but paper business cards have become so commonplace they are almost obsolete. If you want your company to stand out in a sea of competitors, try breaking the business card boredom with one of these three unique approaches.

1. Pass out business cards that double as bottle openers.

Statistics show that 70.7% of Americans over the age of 18 enjoyed at least one alcoholic beverage during 2013. Since many alcoholic beverages come in bottles, providing a business card that doubles as a bottle opener can be beneficial for potential customers.

Each time a potential customer uses your stainless steel business cards to open a bottle they will be exposed to your brand and marketing message. This exposure could result in a significant increase in sales over time. Don't be afraid to allow your business card to pull double-duty as a bottle opener if you want to leave a lasting impression on consumers in the future.

2. Pass out business cards that will help consumers kill time.

The average person spends a lot of time waiting. Statistics show that over a lifetime, the average consumer can expect to spend 653 days waiting for trains, 6 months waiting in lines, and 20 weeks waiting on hold. When you design your business cards with entertainment in mind, they can help consumers kill time as they wait.

Business cards that double as games can see more use than traditional business cards. You can opt to have your business card function as a penny shooter or a ball maze, both of which will allow you to gain valuable exposure among consumers as they utilize your business cards to help them pass their down time.

3. Print contact information on useful objects.

Don't get stuck thinking that business cards have to be printed on paper. Since the sole purpose of a business card is to provide access to contact information, you can utilize useful objects to accomplish this task by printing your company's contact information on them.

Select an object that consumers can associate with your business to achieve maximum exposure. If you own a beauty salon, print your contact information on combs. Printing your contact information on a building block might be beneficial if you run a construction company.

When it comes to designing a business card, don't be afraid to get creative. As long as your contact information, logo, and marketing message are printed on the surface, you can turn almost anything into a business card that consumers will actually enjoy keeping.

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