The Best Barcode Scanner For You

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The Best Barcode Scanner For You

The Best Barcode Scanner For You

23 December 2015
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A simple online shopping search for a barcode scanner can unleash all sorts of questions you never would have thought of previously. This is because there are many different types out there and it may be difficult to boil it down to the right kind. Fortunately, if you are aware of the pros and cons of each type of scanner, then selecting the right product should be a piece of cake.


Laser scanners are a popular sort and are probably the most well-known. They come in nearly any form, including handheld, mounted, and omnidirectional scanners. Aside from being very available, they are considered quite affordable.

Another advantage to laser scanner is that they can read a barcode from a few inches to a couple of feet away. Some products will allow you to scan items from several feet away. Many folks like to invest in these for organizing inventory, storing things in a warehouse, or selling items at a register. 

Also be aware of the disadvantages. You are limited to 1D (one dimensional), or standard linear, barcodes. This is referring to a standard barcode with several vertical lines bunched together and a series of numbers. Additionally, laser barcode scanners are famed for their lenses wearing down after some time.


You may wish to consider image-based scanners as an alternative. They are even cheaper than the laser products.

Another reason to favor them over the laser variety is they are sturdy and can withstand a few drops. Furthermore, image-based scanners can pick up those hard-to-read barcodes that may be damaged or may have gone through a terrible print job. You can also scan the barcode from any direction without worrying about aligning the light to the code properly, and some of these devices will go beyond reading 1D barcodes, covering 2D, stacked, or computer screen barcodes. So for these reasons, they are great for hastier or more aggressive environments where these things can be concerns.

Don't forget the main disadvantage, however. These scanners can only read codes at short distances. Still, they are suitable for store checkouts and other short-range needs.. 


Last, you may want to consider a pen, or wand, scanner. These are small and nifty scanners that can read basic 1D barcodes when dragged over them steadily. They are inexpensive plus durable. Pen scanners are ideal for single users in small settings.

Be aware that they are not quite as accurate as your other options. Pen scanners tend to be slow and can bring up errors if you are not holding them evenly and deliberately. You may need to practice to nail the technique down.

All in all, you have some great options to choose from as you make your decision. Just be sure to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages to come out on top. for more information, contact companies like ADAZON Label & Barcode Solutions. 

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