Factors To Consider When Designing Your Custom Tags

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Factors To Consider When Designing Your Custom Tags

Factors To Consider When Designing Your Custom Tags

22 February 2016
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Your business's custom-made product tags are an important tool for communicating with your customers. Your custom tags must convey price, model number, brand information and other important pieces of information that your customers will take into consideration when deciding what to buy. Ultimately, the decisions you make when designing your custom tags could help decide whether or not customers choose your products over other products. For these reasons, your product tags should be expertly and thoughtfully designed. Before ordering your custom tag printing services, you must first think about the following factors.


Good readability may be the most critical characteristic of a successful product tag. If your customers can't easily read your tags, this could lead them to choose another product over your own. The type and size of the font on your tag will greatly influence the readability of your tags, as will the color choices. To determine the readability of your tags, print test tags before deciding on a final design. The test tags should be made to scale, so they closely match the real tags that will be attached to your products. As you study the test tags, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the font large enough? The most important information on the tag should be large enough that it can be read at a glance.
  • Is the typeface bold enough? Light colored fonts against a light background, or fonts made from very thin lines, can be difficult to read.
  • Is there enough negative space around the important information? If your custom tags are cluttered with patterns and images, this can make the words difficult to read.


Your tags represent an important opportunity to develop your company's brand. Using company logos and colors will help develop brand recognition and build customer loyalty. As you design your tags, look for opportunities to tastefully include the colors and images most frequently associated with your business.


Using flimsy paper for your custom printed tags can make a bad impression, especially if your products take a while to sell. Non-durable tags will start to look damaged and beat up, which can make your customers feel like they're purchasing a flimsy, easy-to-break product. Ask your custom tag printing company to supply you with samples of tag paper and cardboard options so you can choose a material that will last for the necessary amount of time.

Space Issues

If your product should go on a clearance sale at some point, the store selling the product may put a sticker price on your tag. If there's no extra space on your custom tags, then the sticker price is likely to cover up information on the tag. To avoid this problem, try to leave extra space on the tag for a clearance sticker.

For more information about designing your business's custom tags, talk to a custom tag printing business. They can answer your questions and give you advice as needed.

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