Clever Uses For Doggie Custom T-Shirts

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Clever Uses For Doggie Custom T-Shirts

Clever Uses For Doggie Custom T-Shirts

12 August 2016
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Are you a pet owner? Perhaps you are not, but you likely have a friend or family member who is. Custom clothing is a wonderful gift idea for pets and those who love their pets. The following are a few clever ways you can use custom t-shirts for dogs. 

Police and Service Animals

If your police department utilizes K9s, they would likely appreciate custom t-shirts for them. This is a generous way to show your appreciation for these four-legged crime fighters. Perhaps you know someone who uses a dog as a service animal. If not, you may also be able to contact a community resource for referrals. Donating tshirts to these service animals will brighten their owners' day, and it can also serve as a safety warning. For example, someone with visual impairment may require a dog to mobilize, and a doggie shirt that displays "Service Animal" or similar verbiage could protect these individuals' rights and unsuspecting people from making direct contact with the animal. 

Dress Alike Options

If you have your own dog, you may dress them up or pamper them from time to time. Opting to buy matching tshirts is a clever way to show your love for your dog when you go out in public. It can also protect your dog if you frequent places such as dog parks and allow your dog to roam and play. This is because other people at these places will likely be able to quickly identify you on the premises if needed. 

Awareness to Causes

Perhaps you or a loved one has a condition that you would like to raise awareness about. Some conditions have their own colored ribbons, which are representative of conditions or diseases. A custom t-shirt in the color code for the condition with your choice of words can raise awareness. You could also opt for a neutral color such as white, gray, or black and use the appropriate color for printing. 

Mascots and Team Spirit

If your community schools or colleges have a live mascot that is a dog, you can garner team spirit by investing in doggie t-shirts. You could also consider selling additional prints of the mascot's shirt to other dog owners for their dogs. 

Pet Adoptions

Some communities have a number of dogs who do not have owners. This may be due to rescue interventions or abandonment. Donating t-shirts to the animal shelter in your area can ensure that these dogs look their best when potential "adoptive pet parents" visit the shelter in search of a new pet. 

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