Mistakes To Avoid When Using A Digital Press

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Mistakes To Avoid When Using A Digital Press

Mistakes To Avoid When Using A Digital Press

26 May 2021
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If you bought a digital press to create some sort of product with your digital designs, then there are things you want to avoid with this special machinery. Here are some mistakes that should be a top consideration when you go forward with digital printing using a press machine.

Rushing the Printing Process

You may be in a hurry to get things created with a digital printing press, be it shirts, hats, or posters. If you tried rushing the printing process with your press, that's going to make it easier to overlook important steps. You don't want to do this because digital printing is a very methodical process.

You have to perform steps correctly at every turn when using a digital printing press to transfer things to media. Slow down and really analyze your procedures before you try producing things on a mass scale with this press.

Using the Wrong Font

If you plan on putting words on media using your digital printing press, then you really need to make sure you get the right font. If you don't and just used any font at random, the end printing results may not be what you want. For instance, the font could be hard to make out because of how the press applied ink to the media.

You need to spend time seeing what fonts are going to give you the best digital printing results. There should already be suggested fonts from users of digital printing presses that figured out what works best for them. You can use these suggestions and save yourself wasted ink and media.

Not Having the Machine Serviced

Even though today's digital printing presses are pretty advanced and don't require too much as far as maintenance, you still need to have your press serviced. If you don't, then it's far more likely to cause you problems. It could be an internal component that stops working because it experienced too much wear and tear from lack of maintenance.

At certain intervals, you want to have someone professionally service your digital printing press. Parts will be inspected and potentially repaired if they are damaged or not performing great. After these services are performed, you should be able to get a longer lifespan out of the digital printing press.

You are in a great position if you own a digital printing press, as this machine can produce professional-looking materials. That is especially true if you ensure pitfalls are taken out of the printing formula. 

For more information about digital presses, contact a local company.

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