A Polypropylene Pop Up Display

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A Polypropylene Pop Up Display

A Polypropylene Pop Up Display

6 July 2022
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Polypropylene is a lightweight, glossy material that is resistant to moisture. If you will be using high-resolution photographs and printing to advertise your wares, a popup display that contains a base, support poles, and a header bar will provide you with essential display materials that can be set up indoors or outdoors.

The Layout

Polypropylene is a material that can contain printing on one or both sides. If your place of business is located within a complex that features many other places of business, setting up a pop up display in an area where patrons will be walking is a great way to advertise your most popular goods and services.

The layout that is used to create a custom display should not be overly simplistic or complex. Using a left to right format or one that begins at the top of a banner and works its way down toward the bottom of a polypropylene sheet will be easy for your target audience members to scan through. Pictures can be representative of what you are advertising and may help you reduce the amount of printed words that will need to be added to a display.

Consider breaking up the text and the pictures. You can use a couple of advertising words along the top or the bottom of the display, but choose a high resolution picture to cover the rest of the banner. This type of advertising is subtle, yet effective. Since pixelated printouts can be distracting to your target audience, choose realistic imaging that has been taken with a high resolution camera instead.

The Components

A pop up display will hold the edges of a polypropylene banner secure. If a display is used outdoors, you will not need to worry about the wind curling the edges of a banner. A banner stand may contain anchoring pieces that can be inserted into the ground. These pieces will be connected to a base unit.

A set of poles will need to be secured to the base unit. These poles will rest alongside the banner display. The top part of a display may contain a header bar. This bar will support the top part of a banner. A pop up display will not require hardware to assemble the pieces. A display is designed to be quick to set up. All of the components within a display kit will be rigid in design and resistant to wind and moisture.

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