How Commercial Printing Differs From DIY

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How Commercial Printing Differs From DIY

How Commercial Printing Differs From DIY

28 August 2023
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Commercial print services provide a level of quality that's hard to match with DIY solutions. Paying for commercial printing is an investment in your business, therefore, you should understand how it differs from rolling off a few pages from a printer in your office. Below are the ways in which commercial printing differs from DIY printing.


A commercial printer has heavier and faster equipment that allows greater operational scale. If you need to print tens of thousands of items, a commercial system can physically handle the work. Many office printers will break under such demands. A commercial setup can also produce hundreds of high-quality copies in the time that an office system takes to get a few dozen done.


Most office printers don't print papers that are much bigger than a typical letter. You might find a few poster-size systems, but that's about how large they can get when it comes to household printers. If you need anything that's banner- or sign-sized, then you may have to turn to a commercial printer.

Color Processes

One of the defining features of commercial printing is the use of color processes. While office printers use something similar, they spray everything closely together and all at once, which inherently limits print quality. A commercial printer can roll off the layers of a print's color one at a time. Consequently, the results are crisper and more professional-looking.

Most office printers use a cheap version of a four-color process with an inkjet. If you paid for a photo printer, you might have something with a six-color process. Anyone who wants a more complex setup needs a commercial solution. If you're using a simpler process like spot color, you may want a commercial company to do the work for a cleaner appearance.


Commercial printing firms can bind materials. If you want a booklet that looks professional, a commercial operation can handle the job. Attempting this on your own using a household stapler is a challenge, especially with thicker works. Not only do you have to get the staples to go through many sheets of paper, but you also have to align the pages properly to minimize waste.


Finally, commercial enterprises have many paper options. If you need a glossy card stock, they have the machinery and materials to do the job well. Commercial printing enterprises can also print full-bleed, meaning the ink goes right to the edge of each page. Printers also work with many different textures for customers who want classier products. For more information, reach out to a local provider of commercial printing services, such as Hybrid Commercial Printing, Inc.

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